Terms and conditions

This written document is basically an electrical record in terms of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016, and rules there are generated by a computer system that does not require any kind of digital signatures. By accepting to terms and conditions, you are agreed to adhere to the terms and conditions of the policy at https://s3tv.com/ and other terms that govern the website. If you aren’t agreeing to the terms and conditions, then you aren’t liable to use our services.

Terms of use

S3 TV is a platform for its viewers to provide programs, dramas, live sports and live news including schedules of programs. Our website’s content will be available to you through different devices, that’s why it has to be noted that depending on nature of your internet, our services may be accessed in different geographical locations. You agree to use our services at your own risk and all the services compiles with the applicable laws. Such content and services may differ from time to time and place to place depending upon numerous parameters:

  • Internet speed
  • Internet availability
  • Device
  • Bandwidth
  • Before using our services, you agree that we may monitor your activities like your IP address to verify your geographical location. For facilitating our users, our services can be packaged via numerous models like services or content may be accessible without any charges that include commercials and advertisements.

    For better picture Quality

    To get HD result of videos, you must have:

  • Latest version of Google Chrome Browser
  • Latest version of Opera Browse
  • Latest version of Mozilla Firefox Browser
  • Windows 7 or above (Microsoft) and MAC OS 10.2 or above (Apple)
  • Cookies enabled and JavaScript
  • Android v.4.0
  • iOS 8
  • The services are available for users who are at least 18 years in case of Pakistan ordinance. If you are a minor in your jurisdiction, then you can access our services and site in accordance with the applicable laws to access such service.


  • When you register with S3 TV, you confirm that all the registration information provided by you is accurate, complete and true.
  • You acknowledged to update your registration data, so that your given details may remain current.
  • You agree that your personal data collected by S3 TV is subject to S3 TV Privacy Policy
  • To get more details, just visit the Privacy Policy (link) section. S3 TV may collect data such as: pincode, state name, location, time zone and unique device identifier to target advertising.
  • You agree that S3 TV has the right to disclose, transfer or preserve your account as per the
  • Privacy Policy, You are agree to
    • Obey the applicable law in your territory
    • Accept terms and conditions
    • Protect the rights and property of S3 TV


    S3 TV has the authority to suspend/stop access to the whole or part of the services for any maintenance reason. S3 TV is not liable to provide notification of the interruption and will restore the services as soon as possible.

    S3 TV is not responsible in case of non-availability of the website in your territory like:

  • Satellite failure
  • Civil strike
  • Public utility failure
  • You agree that content that you access is owned by S3 TV, its licensors and its affiliates. All the content is protected by trademark, copyright, patent and design according to law. You also agree not to misuse services to:

  • Use abusive language in the comments section
  • Using hateful language or sharing pornographic links in the comments.
  • Violate any trademark or copyright.
  • Use automated system like bots, offline readers, scripts and spiders to collect usernames, email ids and passwords from the S3 TV website to deactivate, disassemble or delete any content that is part of S3 TV services.
  • You are not liable to post video(s) or photo(s) of other person without his permission or his consent.
  • You are solely responsible for the security of your user ID and password that you have provided to S3 TV and ensure that all the information is kept confidential and not disclose with any other person. You also agree to publish and submit posts in accordance with these terms and conditions. You are not liable to crop, edit, and modify the content for any purpose.

    Service termination

    S3 TV has the authority to suspend, terminate, restrict or limit your account at any time without giving you notice. If you breached terms and conditions or any other law, then you are not liable to access our services.

    User comments

  • You are given the right to submit or publish your comments by complying with the applicable laws of using our services.
  • You further agree that S3 TV has the right remove or restrict user material that is inappropriate for others
  • You are hereby required to submit comments that does not harm minors in anyway
  • Your comments must not include computer files, codes or other virus files
  • Support

    If you have any complaints relating to the use of S3 TV, then contact us by visiting Contact us or email us at info@s3tv.com and submit your query by entering your mobile number and email ID.