Privacy policy


You are required to read privacy policy of S3TV to get better understanding of terms of use. User’s personal information will have the meaning ascribed to it as per the laws in Pakistan. When you register with us, you will use our collection content and in return provides your personal data as per the privacy policy. We work on the following principles:

  • You are providing information to us at your own choice.
  • You have the choice to receive/ stop communications from our website.
  • Data collection and its use

  • We collect following registration details from you like:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Gender
    • Location
  • You are not forced to enter your debit or credit card details.
  • We will require your details if you just want to comment on our website.
  • We may require your user ID or similar information if you engage with our website using social media service.
  • We collect information such as your IP address, browser type, operating system, internet service provider and type of device that you use to use our content.
  • We have records of subpages that you visit, links that you followed on our website including date and time.
  • We have history of all of your surveys, answers, newsletters and subscriptions.
  • Any sort of information that you enter on the website like filling form remains with us. We keep your private data secured.
  • Our main objective is to gather personal information from you to permit to use our website content and services. We may also use your data to send you some recommendations, direct marketing and new features advertisement. Our main purpose is to track user behavior on our website that help us to estimate user eligibility for specific offers and services.

    You will use your information to conduct general market research that is a survey to analyze our advertisement effectiveness on both individual or on anonymous basis. Your personal data is collected through server log files that analyze specific type of technical information including cookies. You have the right to disable the browser cookies by changing your settings. Please note that some sections of the website may not be available for you.

    Compliance with Laws

    We have the authority to disclose your sensitive data to law enforcement agencies without taking permission from you as we have to protect the safety of the public and stop any illegal activity. We will share your data with tax authorities if they demand your data from us.

    Your data security

    We truly realize the importance of your personal information and we require safe and secure user experience. We have implemented necessary precautions to protect your data against any improper or unlawful use.

    Email policy

    You have the right to receive the emails that you require. You can unfollow our updates at any time you want. Also note that when we receive your request it may take some time for you to become effective.